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A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

It’s different this year. Through the years, I’ve spent several holidays away from family. As a young newspaper reporter, I lacked the...

A Mother's Sacred Oath

In Uganda, while mothers tend to their crops in the hope of growing enough food to feed their families, National Geographic reports that...

I Hate My Mask

I just sneezed. I tried as hard as I could to stifle it, but it was a sneeze, and rarely have I been so self-conscious. I am on the ferry...

Impossible Decisions

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York City, life changed in the span of a weekend. On Friday, I met some coworkers for a drink, and the...

When Things Calm Down…

When things calm down I’ll… Organize all my closets. Update my resume. Learn to play “Peaceful Easy Feeling” on the guitar, and then make...

There is No Joy Here

Outrage is for now. Political mobilization comes next.

Here is What I Don't Know

I’ll be honest – I haven’t quite yet figured out what the point of this blog will be. I know – this is basically the worst way to start...

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