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The Day my Mother Died

This is the eulogy I shared for my mother, Ann-Marie Asmann, who passed away three weeks after I turned 50. Her illness was sudden and...

10 Ways to Pursue Happiness

10 Ways to Pursue Happiness: Tips for the Overbooked, Overwhelmed, Just Damn Over-All-Of-It Mom. Learn more.

Acceptance of a World Not Meant for Mothers

And just like that, she’s gone. I stood at the door as she walked away from the house, roller bag trailing behind her. It’s such an odd...

She’s Coming Home!

After two months away from home, my daughter is returning home from college for Thanksgiving. We've both learned so much. Read on.

The Darkest Fears

There are moments when I am overwhelmed by the mortal fear that someday, I’ll roll over and my husband won’t be there. Or I’ll slip my...

The Hard, Scary Things

In this life, it's the hard, scary things that move you forward. Take risks. Learn more.

Ten Years After Hurricane Sandy

Ten years after Hurricane Sandy, a mom from Rockaway Beach reflects on rebuilding and moving on. Read more.

When You Miss Someone

The summer when I was 17 years old, my boyfriend and I left for college in different states. He went to Cleveland; I went to Boston. I...

The Mom Hangover

After shepherding my child's journey to college, my body begged for mercy: It was a Mom Hangover, and I needed to nurse it. Read more.

The Dorm Room Goodbye

The dorm room goodbye is one of the hardest goodbyes, and it took me a while to understand why. Read more.

I Feel Mad About My Uterus

I am 49 years old and think it’s time for my uterus to go. You’ve served me well over the last 37 years. Actually, you’ve served me well...

Hello Silence, My Old Friend

Today I woke to an empty house. My daughter was at a sleepover and my son was at his grandparents’. My husband had left early for work....

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