Elena Donovan Mauer
Deputy Editor at The Bump, Writer, Instructor

When I need a well-reported piece — especially if it’s health-related — Cynthia is on the short list of writers I trust most. She is great to work with, always turns her assignments in on time and does fantastic work. Give her assignments! You’ll be glad you did.

September 4, 2012, Elena Donovan was Cynthia’s client

Michelle Carlton
Content Marketing Manager at OpenText

I’ve hired Cynthia for a number of projects targeting different audiences and topics, and she consistently goes above and beyond in her work. She’s able to think creatively, come up with a number of different approaches, and consistently innovate. Cynthia is reliable with deadlines and consistently produces high-quality work.

April 16, 2012, Michelle was Cynthia’s client

Carol Kaufmann

I’ve worked with Cynthia on a wide range of editorial projects, including print features, breaking news stories, service-oriented web content, and slideshow. She’s a fabulous reporter, great idea generator, consistently professional, on time, and always a joy. She also care deeply about the subjects she covers, and her passion shines throughout her work. I’d highly…more

March 26, 2012, Carol was Cynthia’s client

Dr. Deborah Serani
Award-Winning Author, Psychologist, Media Expert

It’s always a meaningful experience when I get to work with a journalist who is passionate about mental health. What I admire most about working with Cynthia is that she has a great eye for detail, and asks the best questions – which makes her article a stand-out. When I end up feeling moved by a journalist’s questions, I know I’ve just worked a gifted writer.

October 8, 2011, Dr. Deborah was with another company when working with Cynthia at Cynthia Ramnarace

Heather Graham
Editor at iVillage

I’ve hired Cynthia for many pieces about health & wellness over the past two years. She is an excellent reporter and writer and always delivers good work on time. She can turn around solid copy in a short time if needed, and I count her among my top freelancers.

July 1, 2009, Heather was Cynthia’s client

Tracy Quinn McLennan
Editor / Writer

Cynthia is the consummate professional writer. She has innovative ideas, works well with others, delivers on-time, and provides valuable insight with research and experts. Her ability to write for multiple media (magazines, newspapers, etc.) makes her a well-rounded, talented freelance writer who can handle any assignment.

June 17, 2007, Tracy was Cynthia’s client

Health and Living Editor

Monroe Publishing Company


Deb Saul
editor and vice president at Monroe Publishing Co.

Cynthia’s work enriched our daily newspaper for 8 years and I recommend her without reservation. One of my favorite examples of her chutzpah and ability was the time she talked her way into the operating room to report a live surgery; need any more be said about the respect she earned on her “beat?” She is a skilled writer and editor, a self-starter, motivated, reliable,…more

July 1, 2009, Deb was Cynthia’s client

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