Real stories that reveal the motivations and aspirations of real people are among my favorite ones to write. Here are some of my narrative-driven features as well as a sampling of shelter-related service pieces.

Profile: Angela Golden, president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners Phoenix Focus Magazine

11 Acts of Courage That Will Inspire You

Inspiring Second Acts by Celebrity Women

Bettie Cox: The 64-year-old Rodeo Rider O, the Oprah Magazine

Marilee Herrera-Peterson: The 40-year-old Army Recruit O, the Oprah Magazine

As Stress on Families Rises, Grandparents Give Grandchildren a Boost AARP Bulletin Today

When the Volunteer Room Mother at School Is Grandma AARP Bulletin Today

The Granny Nanny Phenomenon AARP Bulletin Today

Interracial Marriage Then and Now AARP Bulletin Today

Till Dementia Do Us Part  AARP Bulletin Today

Contractors Required to Get the Lead Out of Paint Jobs AARP Bulletin Today

Design a Green Home Office

Creating a Pet-Friendly Home

The Low-Stress Home Renovation

60-Minute DIY Projects

Resolving Job-Site Conflicts Between Homeowners and Contractors

Renovate Your Rental

What to Say When… Illness Strikes

What to Say When… At a Funeral

What to Say When… A Coworker Is Fired

Texting and Email: No Time to Talk AARP Bulletin Today

Smartphone Nation AARP Bulletin

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