Health and Parenting

For more than 15 years I’ve specialized in reporting on health topics from both a service and feature perspective. I have extensive experience in women’s and children’s-related topics and have written at length on the Affordable Care Act, its impact and implications.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of health-related articles that carry my byline.

The Crazy Rules for Naming Your Baby

High-Tech Fertility Treatments

Everyone Has to Have Health Insurance: Your Guide to Buying it

Your 10 Most Annoying Weight Loss Issues Solved

BRCA Genetic Testing: What You Need to Know

How to Cope with a Caregiving Crisis AARP Bulletin Today

Gabrielle Giffords: Surviving a Gunshot Wound to the Head

I Was Shot in the Head: Stories of Survival

10 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

Life on the Edge: High-Risk Pregnancy Can Mean High Anxiety Pregnancy Magazine

Which is Worse? Foods to Choose When you Have High Cholesterol

How to Communicate with Your Parents’ Medical Team

‘I Love you Mom, But You’re Driving Me Crazy’ AARP Bulletin Today

The Forgotten Victims: Haiti’s Elderly AARP Bulletin Today

Speedy Recovery These all-natural, at-home tricks prove that your family doesn’t have to take this cold and flu season lying down. Kiwi Magazine

Now You’re Talking: How Children Learn to Speak American Baby Magazine

Should You go to the ER? American Baby Magazine

Temperature Rising: How to Treat Your Feverish Child American Baby Magazine

7 Daily Tricks to Fight a Frazzled Brain

Long-Term Care: Are You Prepared? AARP Bulletin Today

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