Writers are everywhere! Why should I hire you?

Simple: Hire me and I’ll make your life easier. I’ve worked both sides of the desk, both writer and editor, and so I get it: You are being pulled in so many directions. You have your own bosses to contend with, other writers to juggle, ideas to develop and issues to put to bed. The last thing you need is a writer you have to hand-hold or cajole into meeting deadline. Assign me your project and I will work my hardest to make your life easier.

What is your reporting style?

One of my reporting tenets is this: Respect the Source. No one has to talk to me. No one has to share their wisdom or their personal lives with me. When they do, I consider that a great favor and in some cases, a rare gift. I try my best to be accommodating to sources and respectful of their time and privacy. At the same time, sometimes I have to ask the tough questions. When that happens, I try to do it with grace.

You want to interview my client. What can I tell them about you?

I’m a seasoned journalist with extensive experience in newspapers, magazines and online markets. I’ve conducted hundreds of interviews. My main goal is to put my source at ease from the moment I say, “Hello.” I will respect your time limits and be prepared for the interview. And while I can never guarantee that a source will make it past my editor’s pen, if someone has taken the time to talk with me and their information was pertinent to the topic, I try my best to include them in the piece.

What is your favorite type of story to report?

Narrative-driven features are my passion. I love retelling the tales that grip at people’s hearts and make it impossible for them to stop reading. My favorite reader compliment is, “You made me cry,” because then I know I touched someone on an emotional level.

What do you charge?

The bad news: I am not cheap. The good news: You get what you pay for.

What do you do after meeting a deadline?

Collapse. Then, invoice.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I referee disputes between my 7- and 10-year-old, enjoy stories of their day and encourage them to eat fruit but usually give in when they ask for cookies. When the weather is nice I like to let my dog, Peaches, drag me across the beach. I’m trying to learn how to play guitar but honestly, it’s slow-going. At the end of the day my husband and I hunt for 30-minute TV programs we can watch before collapsing from exhaustion. I also enjoy dinners with friends, yoga and live music of all kinds.

How exactly do you pronounce your last name?

People often try to make it sound more exotic than it is: RAM-na-race. And in case you’re wondering yes, it is a Guyanese name and yes, you’re right, I don’t look Guyanese at all. My maiden name is Asmann and after having one-too-many copy editors “accidentally” add an extra “S” to my name, I opted to take my husband’s name after we married.

What do you think?

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