Experience and Passion

My first paid writing gig was for a weekly newspaper in Brooklyn, NY. I learned how to work a beat, race to an accident scene, talk with victims and interview politicians. I learned how to mass produce content on a short and tight deadline. I learned that if you don’t come to this profession from a place of solid love and commitment to getting the story out there, you will not last very long.

My second reporting gig was for a daily newspaper in Michigan. I learned how to write and report a story in under an hour. I learned that if you can race to an accident scene before the police get with their yellow tape, your story will be richer for it. I learned that I had a unique ability for getting strangers to tell me their most personal stories and for getting authority figures to answer my nettling questions and still like me the next day.

Ten years ago, I decided to take these skills and put them to work for myself. In that time, I have been published by some of the largest magazines in the country, including Reader’s Digest, AARP Bulletin and O, the Oprah Magazine. I have written for dozens of websites, including KidsHealth.org and DailyWorth.com.

My favorite stories to report are those with heart: pieces that move people to action, touch them emotionally, or help them live a better life.

Every day I strive to become better at what I do and find new, creative ways to do it. I have written donor appeals for The Children’s Aid Society, one of New York City’s largest nonprofit social service organizations. For NYU Langone Medical Center, I was in charge of writing all patient and family support services content for the new website. For KidsHealth.org, I wrote a series of articles helping parents understand developmental milestones and what to expect at a well visit.

What I Can do for You:

  • Health reporting
  • Personal finance reporting
  • Marketing materials
  • Website content
  • Donor appeals
  • Profiles
  • Personal essays
  • Ghostwriting
  • Blog

I am ready to take on your next editorial project and look forward to working with you.

What do you think?

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